Eminent Domain Basics

The government has the power to take private property for public use. This power is called eminent domain. The US Department of Transportation has inf ... read more
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Do local governments have eminent domain power just like the federal and state governments?
Could the government of your own city force you to sell your property for the municipal good? ... Read more

What other entities besides federal, state, and local governments have the power of eminent domain?
Is the power to force you to sell your property limited to the government alone? ... Read more

What does the term "public use" mean for purposes of eminent domain?
Does the government always have a justifiable reason to take possession of private land? ... Read more

Will the "just compensation" for my property taken by eminent domain be fair?
Given that I have no choice about government taking my property, what assurances do I have that it will pay a fair price? ... Read more

What factors will the appraiser consider when he's determining my property's fair market value?
If you can't actually put your home on the market, how do you know how much it's worth? ... Read more

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In the Works: High Desert Corridor Project

The region in San Bernardino County to the East of Los Angeles County, known as Victor Valley, experienced significant growth in the past decade. As a result of this rapid expansion, The Los Angeles C ... Read more

City of Sacramento Considering Property Condemnation to Build Sports Arena

The City of Sacramento is considering the use of eminent domain to acquire a property necessary to build an arena for the NBA team the Sacramento Kings. Last week, the Sacramento City Council voted to ... Read more

Keys to the Keystone Pipeline Controversy

Pipelines carry billions of gallons of fuel through North America every day. The pipeline generating the most controversy is the Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion, known as Keystone XL. It’s TransCa ... Read more

Understanding California Eminent Domain and Easement

The correct answer to both of these questions is yes.  Through the process of eminent domain in California, a public agency (and in some circumstances, a private agency) is allowed to purchase pr ... Read more

Eminent Domain Actions Are Entitled to Precedence Over All Other Civil Actions in Trial Setting

Code of Civil Procedure section 1260.010 states: “Proceedings under this title take precedence over all other civil actions in the matter of setting the same for hearing or trial in order that s ... Read more

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